Robert Ashley: String Quartet Describing The Motions Of Large Real Bodies (April 2nd, 2014)
Frontiers Festival 2014, Recital Hall, Birmingham Conservatoire, Birmingham, UK
In collaboration with Robert Ashley, James has devised the electronic part to Ashley's extraordinary work. The performance involves 42 performers each controlling a different aspect of the electronics and manipulating the sounds produced by Elysian Quartet. Follow the link for more information about Frontiers Festival.

quartet: a generative sound installation (March 21st - 22nd, 2014)
Athens Slingshot Festival, Athens, Georgia, USA
quartet will be exhibited for the first time during the Athens Slingshot Festival 2014. The sound installation generates music in response to the change in light, heat and movement within the installation environment.

duo: a generative sound installation controlled by local environmental conditions (March 16th, 2014)
INTER/actions, Bangor, Wales
James will be delivering a talk about duo at the INTER/actions Symposium on Electronic Music held at Bangor University, Wales. duo was first installed at the Symposium on Acoustic Ecology 2013 in Kent, England.

Jonathan Harvey: Wheel of Emptiness (January 23rd, 2014)
The Philharmonia Orchestra, Royal Festival Hall, London
An all Harvey concert at the Southbank centre, with the electronics being provided by Integra Lab (James Dooley and Jamie Bullock). Wheel of Emptiness (1997) is a work for ensemble and sampler and was performed with Harvey's Scena. For more information visit the Southbank's website.

Torture Garden and Feuerwerks at Streaming Festival (December, 2013)
Torture Garden and Feuerwerks will be scheduled during the 8th edition of the Streaming Festival. The Streaming Festival 8th edition will start online on the 1st of December (20.00hrs GMT+1), and runs till 15/12 2013.

duo: responsive audio installation at Symposium on Acoustic Ecology, Kent (November, 2013)
duo is a responsive audio installation, where data from the surrounding environment is used to create ambient-glitch music. Sounds present within the installation environment are sampled, then manipulated in response to changes in light, temperature and motion within the surrounding environment. Information concerning the symposium can be found here.

duo is part of the pervado series of works. This ongoing series uses information about the surrounding environment to generate and structure ambient-glitch music.

Torture Garden and Feuerwerks at Vuotociclo IV festival, Naples, Italy (November, 2013)
Torture Garden and Feuerwerks will both be presented during the fourth Vuotociclo festival of contemporary music and art. This will be the premiere of Feuerwerks.

limina: audio-visual installation and lecture at Athens Slingshot, Georgia, U.S.A. (March, 2013)
limina will be exhibited during the Slingshot Festival in Athens, GA. There will a lecture on limina during the festival at the University of Georgia.

limina: audio-visual installation at TROVE Gallery, Birmingham, UK (October, 2012)
limina will be exhibited at TROVE Gallery as part of the Virtual Futures Salon, a series of unique underground events exploring the convergence of technology, art, science and philosophy.

limina: audio-visual installation at the Supersonic Festival, Birmingham (October, 2012)
Responsive and self-reflexive: limina creates dynamic sonic and visual forms from cellular agents. Fluctuations of sound and movement within the space prompt limina's sounds and visuals to flutter in response, as the threshold between sparse cellularity and dense emergence is repeatedly crossed. limina is built with the open-source software Processing and Pure Data and released under a Creative Commons license. All project files can be accessed for free at GitHub.

limina will be installed at Birmingham School of Art, Margaret Street, and exhibited as part of the Supersonic Festival (19th - 21st October, 2012) hosted by Capsule.

Catacumbas (September, 2012)
Sound-work to accompany Hugo Dalton's Light Drawings exhibition as part of London Design Festival. Dalton's work is being exhibited at Andipa Gallery, London from 14th - 23rd September, 2012.

Mother Nature B.D.S.M.: a collaboration between Hugo Dalton, Christine Sundt and J.R. Dooley at Bermondsey Project Space, London (26th January - 19th February, 2012)
Visual artist Hugo Dalton contends that Mother Nature is a Dominatrix, not a benevolent figure, through an exhibition of sculptural  installations and wall drawings based on cave-paintings at Lascaux. Dalton's site-specific drawings at Crisis's Bermondsey Project Space will use imagery associated with Bondage, Domination, Sadism and Masochism to evoke humankind's ancient, complex and increasingly fetishised relationship with Mother Nature – source of shelter, sustenance, pleasure and pain. The accompanying sound-work explores these themes, providing an aural backdrop to the exhibition and dance choreographed by Christine Sundt.

Jonathan Harvey: Madonna of Winter and Spring
The Barbican, London
27th - 29th January, 2012
As part of the Barbican's Total Immersion festival, Jonathan Harvey's Madonna of Winter and Spring will be performed by the BBC Symphony Orchestra with the live electronics provided Integra Lab (Jamie Bullock and James Dooley). Included in the live electronics is a Yamaha DX1 emulator developed by the Integra Project. Part of the Integra Project's research outcomes include migrating works created with obsolete technologies to sustainable platforms.

Premiere of The physical impossibility of love in the mind of the pleasure seeker
27th September - 1st October, 2011
Hannah Davey premieres this performance installation during Integra Festival 2011, Copenhagen. The work uses five poems by Edward Lucie-Smith. The poems explore lust, eroticism and the pursuit of facile, ephemeral pleasures. The performance is an exploration of how these experiences become memories, colour life and leave an aura of fragmentary bliss in their wake. The live electronics for The physical impossibility... were realised with the Integra Live software.

Hilda Paredes: Revelación
19th September, 2011

James Dooley and Tychonas Michailidis of Birmingham Conservatoire's Integra Lab direct the live electronics for French Première of Hilda Paredes Revelación at Théâtre Des Bouffe Du Nord, Paris. The performance of this work – written for ensemble, live electronics and dancers – sees Court-Circuit joined by Ana Luján and Toni Aparisi in a multimedia performance.

Hilda Paredes: Revelación
12th May, 2011
James Dooley and Tychonas Michailidis of Birmingham Conservatoire's Integra Lab direct the live electronics for World Première of Hilda Paredes Revelación at Palau de les Arts, Valéncia as part of the 33rd ENSEMS contemporary music festival. The performance of this work – written for ensemble, live electronics and dancers – sees Grup Instrumental de Valéncia joined by Ana Luján and Toni Aparisi in a multimedia performance.

Premiere of Inscriptions
8th April 2011

Recital Hall, Birmingham Conservatoire, UK. Inscriptions uses ten poems of the same name by Edward Lucie-Smith as its foundation. The poems were originally written for a portfolio of prints by the Mexican artist Feliciano Bejar. Through the technique of 'blind printing', Bejar impressed(inscribed) designs into soft white paper. The text explores the many ways in which experience is physically inscribed into life, and how this is not always obviously perceived. A gravestone, a public toilet, a tattoo, a patch of dead grass underneath a stone all have their stories to tell; they all have their memories.

Premiere of for violin and piano
8th March 2010
Darragh Morgan and Mary Dullea, Birmingham Conservatoire, UK. for violin and piano explores the natural sound decay of a short musical figure. This figure is repeated incessently, but never identically. Finally, an intense musical gesture destroys the mundane system that initially dominated the work's progression.

Premiere of Evolution is random mutation that is successful in a particular environment
22nd February 2010
Birmingham Conservatoire, UK. Evolution... is an algorithmic composition written in the Max/MSP visual programming language.

Jeté - sound installation
21st - 25th July 2009
Part of the Movement exhibition organised by reHub running concurrently with the 2009 IDRS convention at Birmingham Conservatoire, UK.

Premiere of The Lily
23rd June 2009
The Icarus Project, Birmingham Conservatoire, UK. The Lily is a setting of William Blake's poem of the same title, and was written for The Icarus Project.

Premiere of Five Settings of Classical Middle Eastern Poems
28th March 2009

Tongue Stuff, Rosslyn Hill Unitarian Chapel, London.

All the Night Creatures Sang - sound installation
23rd - 27th March 2009
Birmingham Institute of Art and Design. All the Night Creatures Sang is an algorithmic composition that mimics the sounds of a tropical rainforest during nighttime.

Premiere of Lovesong
26th March 2009
Decibel, Birmingham Conservatoire, UK. Lovesong is a setting of Ted Hughes' poem of the same title.

Premiere of Sturm und Drang
14th March 2009
Staffordshire Symphony Orchestra, Lichfield Cathedral, UK. Sturm und Drang is the result of an orchestral project between James and Staffordshire Performing Arts.